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About Centre for Nonprofit Sector Research

About Centre for Nonprofit Sector Research

The Centre for Nonprofit Sector Research (in Czech: Centrum pro výzkum neziskového sektoru, or CVNS) is a research institute of Masaryk University, based in its Faculty of Economics and Administration. Its economists, historians, lawyers, sociologists and political scientists research the current state of the Czech nonprofit sector and civil society and study their development from the perspectives of their academic disciplines and in cross-disciplinary and cross-national contexts.

The Centre conducts both basic and applied research, as well as offering an education programme to graduate and postgraduate students. Besides publishing the results of our research, we also offer analyses, discussion materials, public policy documents and strategic proposals to decision-makers and the general public with a view to stimulating public policy debate about the nonprofit sector and civil society.


The CVNS started work in October 2003. Between 2003–2006, it was a joint undertaking by TRIALOG, the Brno Institute for the Development of Civil Society, and the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University in Brno. In 2006 the Society for the Study of the Nonprofit Sector (in Czech: Společnost pro studium neziskového sektoru, or SSNS) was founded as a national association of researchers and practitioners in the nonprofit sector. It took over the administration of the Centre from the original founders and has since developed it into a multidisciplinary research think tank that works in partnership with four faculties of Masaryk University: Arts, Economics and Administration, Law, and Social Studies. In 2012 the Centre became an institute of Masaryk University.

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