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Third sector organizations in rural development: a theoretical and empirical analysis

The research project „Third sector organizations in rural development: a theoretical and empirical analysis“ is aimed at formulating and empirically testing a new economic theory of the third sector, the rurality theory. In line with “traditional” theories, the ‘rurality’ theory assumes that the existence of the third sector is caused by the limitations of for-profit firms’ ability to satisfy human needs. The original contribution of the rurality theory is in the argument that some of the limitations of for-profit firms located in rural areas are related to characteristics of rurality. Thus, the rurality theory’s general hypothesis is that the rurality-specific transaction cost gives rise to the emergence of rural third sector organizations.

Formulating the rurality theory of the third sector will be done in three thematic areas:

  1. analyzing the effect of rurality on the institutional choice in rural areas;
  2. testing the alternative economic theories of the third sector in rural areas; and
  3. rationalizing rural-urban differences in the structure and behavior of third sector organizations.

Empirical testing will be based on econometric methods and case studies. The data for conducting the empirical part of the research will be collected in Ukraine, Czech Republic and Germany.

The research project is conducted by the Leibnitz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO).


Contact: Simona Škarabelová

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