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Social Innovation and Civic Engagement - FP7

The research project (The Seventh Framework Programme – FP7), commissioned by the European Commission, investigates the impact of the Third Sector and civic engagement on society, which goes beyond their economic benefits or the natural virtue of caring for others. The project’s main hypothesis is that the Third Sector, specifically through stimulating civic involvement, is best placed to produce social innovation, outperforming the commercial sector and the state in this regard.

The fields to be investigated will include: culture & arts; social services; health care; environmental sustainability; consumer protection; work integration; and community development.

Based on an empirical portrait of the Third Sector in nine countries, the project will explore the influence of structural characteristics of non-profit organizations and civic engagement on social innovations. Thereby project will focus on organizations (properties and practices) and context conditions (discourses and policy frameworks).

The research is planned for three years, 2014–2017. The work is carried out by a team of national experts from eleven universities and research centers, led by Heidelberg University.


Contact: Vladimír Hyánek


Webpage: http://itssoin.eu

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